If you would like to join us in giving back to our community, please consider participating in one of the following areas:

Mentoring: We are seeking process improvement professionals to serve as mentors to our college students. Mentors guide students teams through their identified projects, are available to answer questions, and are liaisons between CEA,students/university, and the participating non-profit organization. We ask that you are able to commit to a full semester of mentoring (typically 15 weeks in the Fall or Spring).

Project Sponsorship: If you are a community non-profit organization that needs a fresh perspective on an opportunity to make your organization operate more smoothly, we are anxious to help you!! For a successful partnership, we ask that your organization assign an Executive Sponsor to represent the organization’s needs and desires, as well as a local Champion who is willing to spend some time sharing information and data with our students.

Colleges/Universities: As a participating higher education institution, we require that a class is established within your curriculum. Regular class meeting times and locations, as well as a committed professor to oversee student work and coordinate with CEA are essential for this experiential learning experience.

Students: If you are currently a college or university student who is interested in a hands-on learning experience that will change your life, let us know! Successful completion of our program requires your commitment to the process, which includes working in groups, , and adhering to the semester syllabus guidelines.